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About Orange Tree Publishing

At Orange Tree Publishing we publish books about South Asian Americans.

With a relatively short history of about one hundred years in the American soil, South Asian Americans are still seeking a national identity. They are generally not included in the larger sphere labeled “Asian Americans.” Ask someone to tell the name of a South Asian country and notice the confused look on their face. Except for occasional mention of individual countries in South Asia in the media—mostly negatively, as when there is a riot, rail accident, floods, or stampede—Americans rarely hear about South Asia or its people. The thousands of years of mythology, folklore, history and culture that shaped the lives and philosophies of this vital region remain unknown in America. That the largest democracy in the world is in a South Asian country—India—may be a perplexing fact to many Americans.

Yet the truth about South Asian Americans is that they are one of the most educated, talented, hard-working, and compassionate groups in this country. The impact of their contributions to American life is impressive—something we like to talk about.

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