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About Padma Shandas

Padma Shandas was born and raised in Kerala, the southernmost state in India. She started her career as an engineer. But she was also fascinated by human psychology and literature. She wrote often in some of the prominent English newspapers and magazines in India.

Padma immigrated to the U.S. in January 1980. While working as an engineer, she welcomed the opportunities to sample more knowledge in the areas of her interest. She acquired a graduate degree in psychology and splurged some energy on writing.

Seeking more fulfillment, Padma counseled people looking for career transitions. She wrote in some of the emerging South Asian American news media. She has also been active in the South Asian immigrant community, and became a cofounder-director of Vanitha, a nonprofit organization of women. Recently she wrote Spices in the Melting Pot: Life Stories of Exceptional South Asian Immigrant Women.

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